Digital TV Antenna Market Analysis and Forecast Report

In the year 2017, the global market for TV antennas was valued around $0.04bn and this figure was also expected to register CAGR of around 4.4%. The TV antennas are basically components which are designed in such a manner that they can pick signals present in the air and deliver free over-the-air channels to the consumers. There are varied types of antennas available in the market such as indoors or outdoors, directional or omnidirectional and so on. The channels that get picked up the antennas are mostly broadcasted by the local media companies with the help of transmitters. These signals are also mostly transmitted with the frequencies in VHF or UHF or both the bands. Also this would vary based on the country or region. TV antennas are termed as one-time investment wherein the installation has also been made simple by the manufacturers. You get antennas that can be placed outdoors on the roof or you also have antennas which can be placed indoors high on the wall or the window. The antennas are considered to be a low cost alternative when compared with the Pay TV. This is one of the key factor that has leading to the rise in the number of cord cutters and going in for the antenna. Antennas have multiple other advantages due to which it is one of the easiest medium to watch all of your favourite local and major broadcast channels for free of cost.

North American region would be playing a dominant role for the global TV antenna market. It would mostly account for the highest market revenue when compared to the other regions. This region is also expected to register the highest CAGR growth till 4.5%. Due to the cost effectiveness of TV antennas over the satellite or cable TV is known to be playing a major role for the rise in demand. Newer and existing companies are also focussing on getting newer TV antennas in the market that would be technologically more advanced and at the same time they can have a competitive edge over the other companies.

Though TV antennas still have a tough competition from the online streaming services and devices that are coming up with varied features but mostly it would stay the number one choice of the consumers since it offers live programs. Few of the top rated companies in the TV antenna segment include Winegard Company, Antop Antennas, Antennas Direct, Mohu and so on. By the year 2023, it has been estimated that the TV antenna market globally would potentially cross a mark of $8.5bn. The rise in the internet penetration and also the growing number of tablet and smartphone usage is said to be driving factor for the rise in the TV antenna market globally.

Multiple advantages such as cost-effectiveness, weather resistance, lifelong free channels, live programs drive the consumers to shift from the Pay TV to the Free TV. Also in addition to the marketing strategies laid by various companies is also a way of attracting consumers to opt for TV antennas.