Do digital TV’s have built in antennas?

The digital TV is also called as DTV and it basically makes use of the digital transmission for broadcasting video as well as audio in comparison to the analogue transmission. DTV represents one of the biggest leap in the history of the evolution of technology since the beginning of the colour television. DTV is known to offer variety, easy accessibility as well as superior quality in terms of picture as well as sound. DTV enables broadcasting of the high-definition format television that would provide resolution which is of superior quality than the original standard format definition. You also have the ability to watch more than one program in the same bandwidth channel. Hence it provides the feature of recording one program while simultaneously you can watch another program. Digital TV also provides on-demand content in addition hundreds of varied channels to its viewers. DTV has changed the TV watching scenario. More and more number of people are going in for the new digital TV to enhance their TV viewing experience.

But having a digital TV does not mean that you also get a built-in antenna along with it. The TV antenna is something you would need to purchase separately apart from the TV unit. The users of digital TV would surely benefit from getting antenna so that they can view all the local channels available in their area absolutely free of cost. Earlier people would go in for cable or satellite connections so that they can get access to the local channels in addition to the other channels. However, you would need to pay a monthly subscription charge that just keeps on soaring. Hence to avoid such situation, consumers are taking the plunge of getting rid of cable or satellite and instead opting for TV antennas separately so that they can enjoy all of the local channels and also regional channels absolutely free of cost.

Making the correct choice of digital TV and the TV antenna is very important. There is no one antenna that would suit all the TV and vice versa. Hence you have to make a note of what are your expectations from both and accordingly purchase the same. Note that if you do not have an existing antenna, then there is no need to change your TV.  The antennas work on any model of TV. The TV antennas are of varied model and having different features. Companies claim that their antennas can provide 90 out of 100 channels and so on. But before you go with the claim. Check on websites such as, or the FCC site on which channels are available in your area and the direction of the broadcasting tower. Based on this information, it would be easier to make the correct choice of antenna. As long as digital TV is concerned, they also offer varied benefits such as widescreen, multi-channel programming, programming guide with information about the existing programme, High-definition sound as well as picture along with some interactive television service such as internet connection, shopping, games and so on.