Do smart TVs come with digital antenna?

Today most of the TV available in the market calls itself Smart. But the question is whether they are really smart. What all do these smart TV have to offer its client? How does one smart TV vary from the other one? Is it called smart because it has antenna or are there any other features built-in those smart TV? These are some of the commonly asked questions by the consumers hence let us dive deep into what these smart TV’s exactly are and whether they have a digital antenna along with it.

The smart TV’s were originally labelled as connected TV. The reason why it is called as connected or smart TV is because it has the ability to connect to the internet and access the various streaming devices and at the same time it can also run the entertainment apps including the music stations and any on-demand videos. The smart TV’s also have voice recognition tools such as the Google Assistance and the Amazon Alexa wherein you can order these tools to switch channels or search for any programs. Most of these Smart TV’s are built in such a way that they are compatible with any of the device which is present in the house such as any of the sensors, lights and so on.

The basic question that we get to hear is whether these smart TV’s come along with a digital antenna? The answer is No. Digital antenna is completely a different equipment and you do not get it built-in the TV or it does not come along as an accessory with the smart TV unless you plan to buy the TV as well as the antenna as two different electronic items. Digital antenna is mostly an option for the consumer. You would need a digital antenna when you plan to watch local programs. Most of the consumers are now shifting towards digital antenna and the reason for the same is because of the soaring cable and satellite monthly charges. These high prices are burning a hole in the pocket of the consumer due to which they are taking the plunge to cut the cord and shift to other medium of entertainment.

Digital antennas are one such medium to receive your daily dose of entertainment. There are various companies who offer varied models of TV antennas. There is one particular model that would suit all. Each of the antennas have different features and also the range that it can pick up. There are indoor and outdoor antennas. You also get directional antennas that can be pointed at one particular direction and some of them are omnidirectional antennas which can pick up signals from multiple directions. You would need to make a careful choice before selecting the right type of antenna since there is no such rule which states that a particular brand of smart TV would need a particular type of antenna. Hence it is a misconception when people say that their TV has a built-in antenna. Always get proper knowledge before purchasing your Smart TV and the digital antenna.